Full BrandMe iPad Enclosure Floor Stand

- Compatible Versions: iPad Air/Air 2 9.7"
- iPad Adapter Kits for Multi-Generation iPad Compatibility
- Continuous Charging While Mounted
- Brandable Panel (Matches Stand Color)
- Full Reverse Tilting Mount
- Secure Storage Compartment
- Wiring and Cable Management
- Compatible with our Security Cable Lock

**At this time we don't offer any printing services, however we provide a manual with graphic panel specifications and you can get it printed at almost any print shop.**

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Full BrandMe iPad Enclosure Floor Stand
Full BrandMe iPad Enclosure Floor Stand

Availability: In stock

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    Full BrandMe iPad Enclosure Floor Stand
    Availability: In stock
    Enclosure Version for:
    - iPad Air/Air 2 9.7"

    The Full iPad Enclosure has a strong rectangular shape and is closed on all sides offering a full tamper-proof experience.While the iPad is secured in the frame, the power and volume buttons are protected and it has an optional home button cover to ensure against unwanted access.

    Our BrandMe stand allows you to utilize a panel for branding, call to action or custom design to bring attention to your interactive display or kiosk. The tilting mount allows the iPad enclosure to be set in either portrait or landscape mode and the stand base offers additional security features, securing the power source and bolting the unit to the floor.

    Graphic Panel Specifications:
    Widht: 6.0” / 15.24cm
    Height: 34.75” / 88.26cm
    Max Graphics / Artwork Width: 5.0”- 5.25” / 12.7cm - 13.34cm

    Maximum Material Thickness of .250” / 6.35mm
    Option of using two pieces of .125” / 3.18mm thickness material back to back.

    Full iPad BrandMe Kiosk Includes:
    - Lockable high grade aluminum enclosure
    - BrandMe Floor stand with Tilting display mount
    - iPad Fit Kit for use with different iPad Models
    - 2 keys

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