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5 Tablet Solutions That Will Benefit Your Office

Most people still see tablets as fun gadgets that will never replace notebooks, desktops or even people (fortunately). However, tablets have come a long way since they first hit the market. While it might not have been a popular prediction, it is the case now that tablets are commonly used everywhere, especially in business settings. Here are 5 ways that a tablet can benefit your office.

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  1. Digital Receptionist Assistant – Many offices cannot afford reception services, yet the need for it is still there. A great alternative, or assistant to the position, is the tablet solution. They are at a low cost, and with all the applications available, it can be close to a fully functioning administrator. They can be used to collect visitor information, notify employees of a guest, and even plan business meetings. For this we recommend the Swan Kiosk.
  2. Time clock –Traditional time clocks can be effective as a way for management to track worker’s hours, but the information is limited and the system is easily tricked. With the tablet in place, you can offer a complete solution for this office staple because you can customize additional punch options to meet your company’s specific needs, management can access and monitor real time information via a cloud connection, and there is a higher level of security if using the tablet camera. For this we recommend the Space iPad Enclosure Wall Mount.
  3. Conference Room Scheduling –Tablets displayed in conference rooms can help minimize confusion by simplifying the conference room schedule. This is most beneficial in larger companies where conference room coordinating can get complicated quickly. The schedule can be easily accessed as it is mounted next to/in the room so everyone can see it, and it can also send alert messages with the schedule in live time. A tablet can also limit administrative work and simplify support logistics such as ordering in food for a working lunch or requesting a client to join in on a meeting.  For this we recommend Executive Enclosure Rotating Wall Mount
  4. Videoconferencing– Companies never have to miss an opportunity to bring a client in simply due to location. When the iPad is set up in a conference room, you can video chat those who can’t physically be there, or one can comfortably analyze reports with remote colleagues via web conference. For this we specifically recommend the Reach Articulating Arm, because rather than awkwardly leaning the iPad on the table and then passing it around, the Reach comfortably places the FaceTime guest at the eye level of everyone else in the conversation.
  5. Portable Presentations – A tablet is more light weight in comparison to a laptop, and it is more functional than a smartphone. Companies prefer them to access and share schedules, reports and office information from any room as they move about their facility. If you are preparing a presentation in one room, you can easily bring it to another room with the tablet. For this we recommend the Universal Tablet Holder. This high quality affordable nest can be securely placed into different rooms, so the employee can rest and charge their tablet (fits all tablets) wherever they are.