Magnetic Display Solutions

From business professionals and administrators to marketing and IT managers, tablets are essential in any industry today. Elevate your business with Maclocks’ high-end, customizable tablet mounts and stands. Our magnetic display solutions make it easy for professionals on the move who need a quick and easy set-up for presentations or other uses.

Our assortment of mounts allows placement flexibility while keeping your devices secure. From options with hand-held compatibility to mounts with a tilt, pan, and swing articulating arm, we have a solution to your business’s display needs. Explore your options below to learn why Maclocks is one of the top sellers for secure tablet stands in the USA.

Magnetic display solutions

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Magnetic Tablet Mounts and Stands

The magnetic display solutions are the best work tool for any environment. They snap on and off quickly and easily, which makes them perfect for meetings and presentations. They can secure tablets such as iPads while maintaining seamless and comfortable movement, with their best feature being their compatibility with so many different types of displays. From counter stands to wall mounts and even rail mounts, Maclocks has the solutions you need. Tablets serve a wide variety of industries, from electronic menus for a restaurant to vital communication tools for professionals. Let us help you get the most out of your tablet – buy now.

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Since the release of the first Apple tablets and laptops, Maclocks’ security and display solutions have proven our commitment to excellence and high-quality products. Our magnetic tablet mounts and stands provide a functional, comfortable display for various spaces while keeping your devices secure. As one of the top companies for secure tablet mounts for businesses in the USA, we are trusted across multiple industries, from small to large retail chains to healthcare businesses, for all display needs.