Security Solutions for MacBook M2 & M3 Security Solutions for MacBook M2 & M3

Securing your laptop with a cable may be the best way to protect it from casual or opportunistic theft in break rooms, study halls, and elsewhere. Since MacBooks don’t have an easy way to attach a cable, Maclocks provides a clever solution with hardware adapters like our Ledge, Corner, and Touch Bar products. We have universal adapters that can give non-Apple products extra security too!
Our premium locks are streamlined and functional, the products of a design team that values the Apple aesthetic. Our security cable locks and slot locks are easy to install and designed to fit your model. Get a lock today to protect your productivity. This simple accessory can lower your potential of missing work or losing control of sensitive information. 


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The security of your laptop is ensured in all places with our security lock slot adaptors and anti-theft cables.