Point of Sale (POS) Tablet Stands

The best modern point of sale (POS) systems streamline how businesses collect payment from customers. The POS stands from Maclocks improves the shopping and checkout experience through intuitive design and functionality.

Whether your business relies on tablets from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, or another brand, we can provide an innovative and flexible POS solution.

POS Stands

Set Descending Direction

A Stand to Suit Every Business

Our POS tablet stands suit the needs of any company or industry. Durable tablet enclosures let businesses and organizations operate efficiently, and tablet counter stands also eliminate the need for bulky monitors and cumbersome cables, creating more usable space. Many of our point-of-sale stands are also adjustable, providing a comfortable experience for everyone. A floor POS stand is excellent for everything from restaurants to movie theaters and other businesses receiving heavy foot traffic. These tablet stands offer POS functionality for contractors, field employees, and out-of-office environments.

Intuitive, Functional, and Flexible Solutions 

Maclocks provide functional and intuitive stands designed to serve your company’s POS needs. We stand behind a commitment to excellence you’ll notice in each product we offer. Browse our current product catalog to find display solutions for retail, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Contact Maclocks today for POS tablet stands that leave a fantastic impression on customers, employees, and business partners.