Aside from Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface, our universal tablet holders and mounts can host devices from a variety of manufacturers. Try our tablet kiosk solutions for the best retail experience your business can offer.

From the easily portable solutions, like our Medical Rolling Kiosk and Ergonomic Tablet Hand Grip, to our locks and Lock Slot Adapters, our products are universal in more ways than one. Intuitively designed for any industry or workspace, creating a digital kiosk has never been easier.


Set Descending Direction

Universal Tablet Holders for Any Brand

Regardless of the tablets your business currently uses, our universal kiosks can securely display devices from a wide range of companies. This stays true to Maclocks’ goal of ensuring our products can seamlessly fit into any workplace in any industry, elevating your businesses above the competition. These universal tablet mounts can be used for POS transactions, displays at trade shows, hospitality check-ins, school classrooms, and more. Simplify your business operations – the only limit is your imagination.

Designed for Security and Functionality 

At Maclocks, we are dedicated to providing your business with an intuitive, flexible design. With a diverse inventory to suit any industry or business, you can trust our universal tablet holders to take your business to the next level. Maclocks understands that tablets and other devices are key to running a smooth business operation, and our products will prove it. Shop our universal digital kiosks today and find your ideal tablet mount.