Using the right accessories helps you get the most from any product, including the secured display solutions from Maclocks. Whether you need stand, mount, or kiosk accessories, Maclocks is your company’s one-stop shop. We offer charging cables to keep tablets and laptops fully powered. Industrial-strength adhesive plates securely hold digital devices in place.

Replacement mounts and bases let your business provide incredible employee and customer experiences. Pair our displays with tablet stand accessories for ultimate functionality, such as combining your tablets with our durable mounts that feature built-in keyboard trays.


Set Descending Direction

Mount, Stand, and Kiosk Accessories

Companies in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries benefit from using accessories from Maclocks. Our accessories help make up Maclocks’ high-quality product ecosystem, enabling you to pair stand and kiosk accessories with stands, mounts, and kiosks. Plus, with our complete range of accessories and device enclosures, your employees and customers enter information and view content in a familiar and comfortable setting.

Maclocks offers high-quality accessories for your devices, including:

  • Charging cables
  • Durable VESA mounts
  • Screen protectors
  • Brackets
  • Replacement keys and locks
  • Hand grips
  • Cable locks
  • And much more!

Functional, Intuitive, and Reliable Products

Maclocks has spent many years helping companies worldwide securely display their digital devices. Our products and accessories empower companies to create self-service stations, intuitive checkout areas, and more. You can check out our latest product catalog to view our secure displays, tablet stand accessories, and much more. If you need something different, Maclocks proudly offers completely customizable solutions for your business. Contact Maclocks to take your business to the next level with reliable, secure, and functional display solutions.