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Banking Industry Invests in New iPad Locking Stands

Austin, TX

Following last month’s debut of the DoubleLock iPad Enclosure Kiosk, Maclocks introduces the newest solution for iPad mobility and security – Hand Grip and Dock Security Stand.

Hand Grip and Dock

Apple’s iPad improves the modern workplace by optimizing the mobile experience and moving the business forward. To further enhance the efficiency of the iPad, Maclocks has designed the revolutionary iPad Hand Grip and Dock; the ultimate addition to take your business to the next level.

Some of the nations largest banks and retailers require their staff to be outfitted with the device on hand. This portable iPad Kiosk provides a higher tier of comfort and security for employees, offering the freedom and ease to walk around assisting customers and not be restricted to one spot.

The ergonomically designed handgrip is adjustable and connects to the iPad with industrial strength adhesive or Velcro. It gently yet securely hugs the hand so the user can feel confident that the valuable device will not slip while “being on the move”. It can easily be switched from portrait or landscape mode for full user interaction as an iPad kiosk.

The docking stand can be used as a POS iPad Kiosk stand because it features Maclocks secure fast release lock and it can be bolted down or adhered to the counter as a total fastened anchoring point. For the full Grip & Dock experience, add the optional swivel base to swing around the docked iPad.

With the growing use of iPads in retail, education, warehousing, sports and medical industries, the Grip and Dock is the greatest iPad mobility option for those environments. Security is in the palm of your hand with Maclocks Grip and Dock.


About Maclocks

Maclocks is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing innovative security and display solutions for Apple devices.