Digitizing The Educational Environment 19

Digitizing The Educational Environment

Students nowadays are much more comfortable using technology for everyday work. For them, carrying heavy books seems like a waste of time and energy when everything is available online. Additionally, it is much less tiring and more comfortable for the teachers to teach using technology rather than a marker and board.

Hence, for the ease and comfort of students and teachers alike, many schools and colleges have started to digitize their classrooms. Let us delve into the benefits of introducing technology into classrooms and discuss some valuable products from Maclocks that are a must-buy for digitized classrooms.

Benefits Of Introducing Technology Into The Classrooms

Using portable electronic devices like iPads and laptops in the classrooms can help elevate the whole learning and teaching experience. These devices enhance student engagement and learning abilities. Integrating technology in classrooms has proved fruitful for many schools and colleges in countries like India and the USA.

For the teachers and students of Central Elementary School, California, the introduction to technology has been a positive experience overall. The students became much more attentive and engaged by replacing notebooks with iPads. It was also noticed that the reading and vocal abilities of students improved.

Another example of digitizing the classrooms is from the Delhi Public School in Surat, India. Teachers and parents wanted to tackle their children’s increased usage of mobiles and iPads positively by officially integrating them into the curriculum. These digital tools were very effective in teaching students different software and apps. iPads and other creative digital devices also helped teachers improve their lessons’ quality. In short, students enjoyed the lessons and became much more attentive and focused.

Here are some benefits of allowing the use of iPads in the classrooms.

For The Students

Improved Learning Experience

By introducing iPads or mobile phones in classrooms, students can enjoy a more personalized learning experience. Every student has a unique writing and learning style, and electronic devices allow them to take notes and learn however they like. They can learn using different apps and even through their preferred learning modes like visual or aural.

Digitizing The Educational Environment 20

Easy Portability

Compared to heavy books and laptops, iPads are preferable for students due to their easy portability and usage. With many apps and interactive videos, students can store all kinds of data on one iPad, reducing the need to bring several books with the same information.

Class Participation

Almost all students are more comfortable with technology and enjoy using it. Hence, when they are allowed to use it in classrooms officially, it boosts their learning experience and engagement. Students start to participate and question more, which helps them learn and perform better.

Low Budget And Eco-Friendly

Carrying around individual heavy textbooks for each subject can be very stressful. In contrast, a single lightweight electronic device that can safely keep all the information in one place for a long time sounds much better. It also teaches students to be environmentally friendly by reducing paper use. Moreover, parents must buy expensive textbooks and notebooks for each subject yearly. Electronic devices also save money as almost all books are available for free or at a much cheaper rate online.

For The Teachers

Better Content

When iPads are introduced in the classrooms, teachers can make better interactive content for the course lessons. They can use various visual tools to keep the students attentive and focused on the lesson. Furthermore, using colorful, interesting educational videos and apps in the classrooms can significantly enhance the whole teaching and learning experience.

Digitizing The Educational Environment 21

Better Interaction With Students

Teachers can interact better with their students on the same technology use level. They can upload all the study materials like assignments and lessons on a single platform, which can be downloaded on the students’ iPads. This allows easy access to classroom materials and better communication between teachers and students. Moreover, teachers can quickly grade the students’ assignments and tests using various tools like Google Classroom and quiz apps. Students can also easily check their marks online, receive feedback and submit their queries.

How Can Teachers Keep the iPads Safe and Protected In A Public Environment Like A Classroom?

Maclocks is a premium provider of high-quality security and display hardware solutions for iPads, laptops and tablets. Three of our products have garnered immense praise and popularity among educational institutes that have integrated technology into their systems. These security solutions include:

Maclocks iPad Charging Carts

In a digitized classroom, all students bring their own electronic devices. Students must charge their devices repeatedly or at least once throughout school hours. The Maclocks iPad charging cart is a great device that keeps iPads safe and protected while charging them simultaneously. The cart has wheels, and can charge and hold up to 16 iPads at a time. Teachers can collect all the iPads from charging them in recess and can also lock the cart for safety while the devices charge.

Maclocks Wall Mounts

This is an excellent device from Maclocks to keep the iPads safe in public, especially useful for the teachers. Teachers can just mount the iPad in front of the classroom and lock it. Through this, different lessons can be taught using various interactive tools like videos, apps, and audio. Enclosed wall mounts allow each student to interact with the iPad while keeping it safe and protected.

The enclosed covering is made of high-quality aluminum and comes with a key and lock to provide maximum security. Teachers can keep the keys with themselves; if they are students’ iPads, the keys can be given to the parents.

Maclocks Ledge Lock

The Ledge lock is a must for educational tools’ safety. Very easily and comfortably it secures the laptop\MacBook so that any teacher or student can focus on the teaching\learning experience and even leave the classroom for a while without worry. The series of locks provided by Maclocks are low profile and do not interfere or manipulate any part of the laptop.


We hope that this article has cleared your doubts about digitized classrooms. All in all, it is an excellent new teaching approach that results in a very positive learning experience for the students. It is high time that more educational institutes integrate this new teaching approach, as it keeps the students much more attentive and focused.