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Ergonomic workstation – Stand up for your health!

Have you ever spent all day sitting in front of the screen, returned home fatigued and washed out, well you are not alone! Work shouldn’t hurt…

In 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society designated October of every year as National Ergonomics Month, to increase awareness about health in the workplace and the available solutions to improve working conditions.

If you are sitting all day long, establishing standing breaks as a regular habit will boost your daily productivity, improve your mood, enabling you to enjoy a better nights rest and improve your overall health and preparedness for work and play!

Compulocks Ergonomic desk or ergonomic workstation is a great solution for providing a variable height desk and workstation to facilitate standing breaks while continuing to be productive at work.

Ergonomic desk – Stand up for your health!

Sitting for long hours during the workday has been found to be the single greatest contributor to health problems and a lower lifespan in the modern western world.

We are parking our tush in a chair for long hours as we pound away at the keyboard and/or talk with clients and colleagues. In fact, we spend more time a day sitting than doing anything else – 9.3 hours on the average are spent sitting, compared to 7.7 hours spent sleeping.

You can reduce the damage of prolonged sitting by standing for 5 to 10 minutes for every 30-40 minutes of sitting.  Compulocks ergonomic products are a great way to accomplish this.

The health benefits of an ergonomic workstation

By using an ergonomic workstation or ergonomic desk as some people may call it, you can have regular standing breaks.

Regular standing breaks will improve your health by:

  1. Strengthening your back and core muscles
  2. Relieving your back pain
  3. Keeping your metabolism active
  4. Burning up calories while you are in the workplace
  5. Boosting your circulation
  6. Balancing your blood sugar levels

A healthy worker is a productive worker

Standing up isn’t just good for your health – it is also good for your work.

Standing breaks using an ergonomic workstation can keep you at peak productivity throughout the day by:

  1. Enhancing alertness and cognitive function
  2. Sharpening focus
  3. Combating fatigue

Ergonomics is much more than just an ergonomic workstation

Of course, it’s all good and well to take standing breaks now and then, but ergonomics is a holistic science.

What you need is an entire workstation designed to maximize the health and productivityWhat you need is an entire work environment designed to maximize health and productivity.

  • Ergonomic chair to minimize damage caused by sitting
  • Ergonomic desk adjusted to your height
  • Ergonomic keyboard which will reduce the development of carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions associated with prolonged typing

It’s important to ensure when purchasing a workstation, that its various components truly meet your needs. Ideally, you would want to work on a desk which is spacious enough to support more than one flat panel monitors or tablet enclosures. Nor do you want to spend time adjusting the height of your screen, or an overly limited vertical movement range. Finally, you want to make sure that the workstation supports a lift for your keyboard as well, so that you can continue pounding away even while standing.

Compulocks’ ergonomic workstation is a good example of a workstation providing all of the above.

ergonomic workstation


  • Compatible with 75mm or 100mm VESA configuration screens
  • A wide slip-proof base for a balanced work experience
  • Cable management keep all wires and cords organized
  • A pneumatic post allows for seamless adjustment and an 18” vertical range, you can lock the lift of the workstation to your desired height with the secure pull cylinder



So make an October resolution to transform your workstation into a healthier and more productive one.

Talk to your HR or office manager, if you own or manage a business, purchase and install an ergonomic workstation – you will begin to enjoy the benefits before January comes around!


What are the health risks of prolonged sitting?

Obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels, back & neck pain and, in the long term, Lumbar Disc Changes, stroke and even cancer.


What are the effects of prolonged sitting on life expectancy?

Sitting down for more than two or three hours a day reduces your life expectancy by three years even if you are otherwise physically active.


How often should I take standing breaks?

It is highly recommended that you interpose 10-15 minutes standing for every 30-40 minutes of sitting


I go to the gym twice a week! Do I really need to stand up to during my workday to stay healthy?

Yes, sitting too long will harm your health even if you go to the gym. Don’t think that spinning or pumping barbells make you immune to the health risks of prolonged sitting.


How will I as a business owner benefit from buying ergonomic desks for my employees?

Aside from it being the right thing to do, you can have happier, healthier and more productive workers.