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How to improve your posture at work 4

How to improve your posture at work

Sitting correctly may seem a little difficult at first, and may even lead you to believe that a good posture requires a lot of effort, but this thinking is incorrect. Contrary to what it seems, you can improve and maintain your posture through awareness and a comfortable environment. 

Those who spend long periods in a chair should get up from time to time and walk around the room to change their position and improve the blood circulation in their legs. In addition, daily stretches are advised, especially before starting the workday.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your posture:

Place your legs slightly apart with your feet touching the floor. It is important that the height of the chair has the same distance between your knee and the floor (knee flexion should form a 90º angle).

Sit on straight and turn your hips slightly forward.

 Keep your back straight while maintaining the normal curvature of the spine. 

The arms should be dangling over the body or the forearms should be resting on the work table.

Relax your shoulders and keep them straight

Look at the center of the computer screen and keep your chin parallel to the floor. Avoid as much as you have to bow your head to read or write on the computer.

Maintaining the right posture through the working hours is certainly challenging. It is important to have an ergonomically prepared work table that will aid you to achieve the best possible posture. There are several ergonomic products available that offer benefits to the user. You can greatly improve your work conditions by simply buying an adjustable monitor mount. Monitor mounts allow you to adjust the position and height of your screen.

In addition to correcting body posture the monitor mount, also:

  •  Prevents neck and lower back pain
  • Corrects neck and spine position
  • Raises monitor the screen to optimal height
  •  Prevents muscle fatigue
  • Safely supports your monitor

The lack of a screen mount may cause damage to your posture

The benefits for your health will translate in better productivity.  The tendency to customize spaces is a reflection of the awareness of the importance of the well-being in the work place.