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New MacBook Lock

Maclocks MacBook 12” Lock First Solution to Solve MacBook Security Risk

New MacBook Lock

The only way to secure the New MacBook exposed USB-C Port from potential security risk is with this unique lock.

Austin, TX

The New MacBook is the slimmest of its kind thanks to its advanced design. It has just one Type-C plug for charging and device connection that allows the laptop to save on space, but it could have serious security consequences if not protected. Maclocks, the Apple lock specialists, has just introduced the New MacBook Lock, the first lock specifically designed to include security for the extremely vulnerable USB-C port.

This new lock was designed due to the increasing amount of customer requests, and is ideal for personal and business use. The super slim bracket is ultra-lightweight at less than 0.1lb so it adds minimal bulk and still allows the MacBook to fit in a sleeve or bag. It is fastened to the bottom of the device and incorporates the security slot to which the included cable lock is attached.  A new feature unique to the MacBook 12 inch Lock is the USB-C security bracket that effortlessly secures the port with the locking of the Wedge Cable.

Most insurance policies only cover a stolen MacBook if it’s been firmly locked down, and even then they can’t pay for your lost data. For ease of mind when leaving the ultra portable MacBook alone at the office or in any public space, the loop-ended steel cable can be secured around a stationary object. The New MacBook Lock is available with an anchor point for a permanent personal locking post.

The New MacBook Lock with its USB-C security bracket in place is the best theft deterrent and security solution that also complements the simple beauty and elegant design of the MacBook 12”. With the slim MacBook bracket, complete protection would not be possible using traditional laptop locks, so Maclocks has created one that does just that.

Maclocks is very excited to offer a secure & unique solution for the new MacBook 12” that does not have a security slot.