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Maclocks Top 15 Ways to Lock in Your Father’s Love

Father's Day at Maclocks

Use these ideas for Father’s Day, or any day when you feel like celebrating your hero.

  1. Surprise him with breakfast, lunch or dinner in bed
  2. Buy him a lottery ticket and leave it in his Father’s Day card
  3. Sign him up for Beer of the Month Club
  4. Give him 100 hugs (one for every reason you love him)
  5. Make him a memento of your favorite holiday together
  6. Bake him his favorite cake (or get it from his favorite bakery)
  7. Take him to a baseball game
  8. Write him a poem/paint him a picture
  9. Fill up his tablet with selfies & fun family pictures
  10. Tell him you love him
  11. Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets
  12. Clean his office
  13. Pamper him with a daddy spa day
  14. Leave him alone
  15. Get him the BEST GIFT EVER: the Tablet holder he has been asking for so that he can use his iPad to read the news while he relaxes in his bed eating the lunch you made him and drinking his new beer and scrolling through all the fun family photos you uploaded onto it

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