New Security Site Means Business with Lenovo ThinkPad Enclosure and Locking Solutions

We have been busy preparing for this launch over the last couple of months and are excited to unveil LenovoLock.com. The new website features a portfolio of locks, enclosures, and stands for the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets.

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Maclocks has decided to simplify your shopping experience and create a one stop shop to find all the Lenovo enclosure and display options. Similar to SurfaceEnclosures.com, KindleLock.com and all other micro-sites that fall under Compulocks Brands Inc., LenovoLock.com is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It is also the first website that is that is dedicated entirely to the Lenovo enclosure, as well as locks, stands, and carts for laptops and tablets.

The Lenovo ThinkPad is a device that completely replaces the laptop, and possibly even the desktop. It is one of the most versatile tablets yet, and it has gotten business users very excited while living up to its reputation as being “the first choice for better business”. It is extremely thin, surprisingly light and completely durable, so those who travel for work now have the perfect companion.

For trade shows and exhibits, the Lenovo Tablet Security Stand is a great option because it is easily transportable and lightweight as opposed to the bulkier outdated versions. It is also preferred in the retail industry, because there is the option of using it as a secure display stand on the cashier desk to advertise upcoming campaigns, or for employees to carry it around the store to promote in store giveaways.

For any corporate or healthcare setting, the Lenovo ThinkPad Enclosure Wall Mount is the perfect kiosk solution because it can accommodate a cable lock or be mounted flush on the wall. Business landscapes can use the wall mount enclosure throughout their offices as updated directory posts, for digital signage or as modernized employee time clocks.

Both solutions are made of high grade aluminum for secure protection against theft, are completely tamper-resistant, and are designed to not detract from the modern look of the ThinkPad. However you choose to implement the Lenovo ThinkPad into your life, be safe with a security solution from LenovoLock.com.

All Lenovo solutions are available for pre order at LenovoLock.com. For information on the existing line of Compulocks and Maclocks Hardware Security Solutions, please visit http://www.maclocks.com.