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Tablet Mobility & Security in One Perfect Solution 2

Tablet Mobility & Security in One Perfect Solution

The new standard in secured tablet mobility solutions: Tablet Hand Grip & Dock Stand

Secure your mobile workforce with this universal tablet hand grip and lockable stand that allows you to “grab and go” with your iPad and safely display it when stationary.   Our ergonomically designed hand grip connects to the iPad with industrial strength adhesive and has an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. The Hand Grip is designed with a 360 degree screen rotation, between portrait and landscape orientation modes, for full user interaction. Complete with a secure display docking stand featuring our quick lock design, it provides you a clean way to store your Hand Grip between uses or even as point of sale or retail kiosk.

The Tablet Grip & Dock Stand can be bolted down or adhered to the counter ensuring a fully secured anchoring point for this mobile tablet solution.For the full Grip & Dock experience add the included swivel base add-on to swing around the docked tablet.

The Grip & Dock comes in two varieties – A tilting stand and a fixed angle stand.