Virtual Mirror Tablet Kiosks 11

Virtual Mirror Tablet Kiosks

Maclocks is always proud to be a part of transformative retail advances, especially when our solutions are used to better the customer experience. A perfect example of this is in Optical stores that offer interactive tablets with cutting edge software, practically turning the device into a virtual mirror.  While this technology has been around for some years, it has only recently become standard to find a magical mirror in any glasses shop one might wander into.

These tablet mirrors are beneficial to stores because they allow for a simple way to showcase a virtually unlimited amount of eyewear options without keeping the frames in stock (maximizing showroom). It is also a favorite among customers, because through augmented reality, they can see how dozens of pairs of glasses look on their face.

Virtual Mirrors Tablet Kiosk:

  • See thousands of frames rendered on your face in 3D.
  • Turn your head to see glasses or sunglasses from any angle.
  • Adjust the glasses up or down your nose or over your ears – just like real glasses.
  • Share your favorite styles and ask friends to vote on what looks best on you.

A crucial point to taking full advantage of the virtual mirror is having the right tools to display it for full customer interaction, aka, Maclocks tablet kiosks.

There are many software companies that have created virtual mirror apps, and we have had the pleasure of designing and deploying to those we have collaborated with with their own customized tablet kiosk to fit all of their needs, such as those below.

FittingBox is a French company that invented the 1st Digital Mirror enabling us to try on glasses in Augmented Reality. With thousands of customers worldwide, opticians, frame brands, and opticians’ groups, they are leaders in their field: virtual try-on of glasses both online and in-store. They are constantly developing new technologies and new services to help eyewear professionals improve their performance and level of service.  To display their O-WIZ Virtual Mirror,  they use both Maclocks Ergonomic Articulating Reach Arm and the Space iPad Swing Arm that rotates, swivels & tilts.

I SEE ME France is a software company that allows you to be equipped with taking pictures so the customer can see themselves with different clothes, jewellery and most relevant here, glasses. Their app is displayed on different versions of Maclocks Space iPad 360 Kiosk that rotates, swivels & tilts.