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Maclocks for Education


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Compulocks e-Brochure


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Father’s Day Promotion! 15% Off EVERYTHING


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maclocks retail store

How One Tablet Can Save a Brick and Mortar Store

TweetThe boundaries that once prevented a traditional brick-and-mortar store from reaching their full potential began to diminish when the tablet was introduced. The tablet revolution has not just reached the retail industry, it has become one of the most essential elements shoppers have come to expect. Many retailers are adopting this in-store technological advancement, and […]

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Lotto NZ Chose IPad Kiosk and Became Case Study of the Month

TweetIf your company is interested in joining our Customer Case Study program, please contact us at [email protected] Your company and products will receive more exposure and free marketing to 50,000 business customers a month.                                  

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Maclocks iPad Kiosk Part of NY Times FlipBook

TweetWe have been a part of a lot of really cool projects, but this definitely tops the list! The New York Times launched a brighter, cleaner, and all around more beautiful website! To kick it off, they made the rounds at SXSW and other shows with a booth dedicated to the big debut. At the booth, guests […]

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Maclocks Tablet POS at the The Cupcake Queens in Australia

8 Reasons to Use an iPad Kiosk in a Coffee Shop

TweetMost shop owners are now opting to run their business with an iPad or other touch mobile tablet. These devices take on multiple roles, such as replacing the cash register, tool for tracking inventory, and to keep customer records. Every business has their own reason for what convinced them to switch over to an iPad, […]

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helloTESS! Application is Maclocks Case Study of the Month

TweetBusinesses everywhere are deploying iPads to deliver powerful, rapid results from their entire workforce, improve how work gets done, and enhance customer loyalty and detainment. Custom app solutions on iPad are raising the bar for all lines of business, especially in the food industry. It is just as important to have the iPad elegantly displayed and securely […]

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Introducing the Capsule iPad Kiosk

Tweet From the Maclocks Premium Collection comes the “Capsule” a new iPad Air Kiosk, an iPad Enclosure with full cable management. The Capsule is designed to fit over a power source and have all the wiring and components housed within the kiosk. You can setup the Capsule as an iPad Air wall mount kiosk or […]

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Maclocks Space Galaxy Enclosure Kiosk

The Winner of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday is…..

TweetAccording to the National Retail Federation, fewer people shopped over Thanksgiving weekend than most retailers were expecting, and “shoppers who actually shopped spent less money than expected”.  This can be accredited to many reasons, including sales starting earlier than usual (some even as early as Halloween), and there are now more retailers joining the game […]

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