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8 Reasons to Use an iPad Kiosk in a Coffee Shop

Most shop owners are now opting to run their business with an iPad or other touch mobile tablet. These devices take on multiple roles, such as replacing the cash register, tool for tracking inventory, and to keep customer records. Every business has their own reason for what convinced them to switch over to an iPad, and here are 8 simple advantages of having an iPad in the coffee shop that everyone would agree on. Fortunately for us, they just happen to spell out MACLOCKS.

Maclocks Tablet POS at the The Cupcake Queens in Australia

M – Management: Effortlessly take control of your business with powerful management tools and apps on the iPad specifically designed for coffee shops (such as Revel and Coffee Shop Manager). You can easily manage your enterprise from sales reports to employee management, payroll and menu management systems. Keep track of your inventory and receive real-time updates when you’re running low on your supplies.

A – Appearance: The iPad looks modern and sleek, and it only gets better when its securely displayed in a Maclocks iPad Security Hardware that is state of the art in quality and design—the stylish complement to any counter. The iPad as a POS system fits into any coffee shop environment, and when you choose an enclosure and a stand from Maclocks it can be customized however you want.

C – Cost: The cash-register software available for an iPad costs considerably less than the automatic point-of-sale computer that shops used to spend close to $20,000 on. Most POS Systems offer affordable package options with everything needed to transform your business, including point-of-sale software, mobile ordering, powerful loyalty rewards program, enterprise management system, plus the essential training and technical support services you need.

HTbar1L – Loyalty program: With loy­alty rewards pro­grams and receipts being emailed, it is eas­y to cap­ture cus­tomer email addresses at the point of sale. With the iPad in the iPad Kiosk Enclosure, the customer has the option of adding their personal information themselves (email, date of birth, etc.), because the iPad can be tilted or swiveled to face them. If the customer agrees to share their details, the shop can fur­ther develop loy­alty pro­grams and keep cus­tomers in the loop on what is new in the shop. Never lose touch with a single customer.

O – Options: iPad Point of Sale systems are all about providing merchants the opportunity to build their businesses how they want it.  From which mobile payment systems to use, to where to put the cash register and which credit card payment processor to add, it is all about OPTIONS. The options continue when you check out Maclocks wide range of iPad security display solutions, especially the POS kiosks; there is something for everyone’s needs.

C – Customization: You can customize your iPad to your individual business needs. If you prefer for the iPad to be used as digital signage, offer advertisement placement to bring in extra revenue, or displaying iPads on tables of the shop so that customers can see all that you have to offer and letting them order online (this can speed up the coffee ordering process and increase your profit margins).


K Keep it Safe: Maclocks iPad enclosure protects the iPad, which protects the transaction information. The iPad and the stand can be locked into place and secured to any counter or table top, which helps keep it safe from theft, and you will no longer have to worry about fraud or customer data falling into the wrong hands. It also helps prevent it from getting dirty (which is bound to happen if it is not displayed in a holder).

S – Simplicity: An iPad POS System can be set up in minutes, you just need an iPad and a Maclocks iPad POS Stand. iPad POS sys­tems are designed for ease of use. Training takes seconds, and the employee can be back to helping customers immediately. Even for those who are not technically savvy, it is easy to set up and introduce to your business. POS apps makes the hard stuff easy.

redy10 Bendigo

iPad POS and business management sys­tems provide powerful fea­tures that go way beyond  anything a traditional cash register can offer. The fact that all of this is happening from a single small iPad is kind of amazing, and its even more amazing when it is protected and displayed with a Maclocks enclosure and stand.


  1. Matthias on February 28, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Thanks again for posting a TESSRO GmbH http://www.hellotess.com and BARESTI GmbH http://www.baresti.com (iPad cashier) picture 🙂 Next time ask for a better one 🙂

    • MacLocks on March 18, 2015 at 4:09 am

      Will do, and you are welcome!

  2. [email protected] on June 28, 2015 at 6:42 am

    Another reason to have an iPad in the store, another “S” in your list 🙂
    Signage – With the Postar app for iPad shop owners can easily display their specials, menus, product promotions (and it’s a free app btw) appsto.re/gb/4Lom5.i