5 Ways to Bring Attention to Your Trade Show Booth

5 Ways to Bring Attention to Your Trade Show Booth

maclocks, trade, tradeshow, trade show, trade shows, exhibit, exhibits, shows, ipad holder, ipad kiosk, ipad, tablet, tablets, tablet enclosureExhibitors are always looking for innovative ways to attract more visitors to their booth at trade shows. A company optimizing their attendance is just as vital as showing off their new product. Tablets have become the top solution for bringing consumers to a booth, and for keeping them engaged. No brochures or one pager that a company hands out can come close to the personalized interactions that can be developed between the company and the guest using a tablet. However, this is only the case if the tablet is displayed in an impressive, approachable, low profile manner that is attractive to the customer yet safe and durable for the company.  Here are 5 solutions to help you implement the tablet technology into your next trade show or event.

  1. iPad Lock and Security Case Bundle – The iPad Lock and Case Bundle is an affordable, durable way to keep the iPad securely locked and protected without adding any weight to it. It is great for booths that want to comfortably offer the tablet as an interactive, participation tool (games, quizzes, feedback, etc.) that attendees can easily pick up.  Since the iPad has no security slot, the case has one built in so you can lock the security cable to the case, and loop the cable’s other end around a fixed object (a table or counter).
  2. Space Galaxy Tab S Adjustable Floor Stand Kiosk – Add great value to the tradeshow tablet by displaying it on an adjustable floor stand.  Instead of flipping through pages of booklets filled with product details, attendees can conveniently self-educate with the iPad or Galaxy catalog display stands, discovering the information at their own comfort. Floor stands are there to enhance attendees’ experience because the height of the display is adjustable to cater to the user.  It is made from high grade aluminum with cast iron base for maximum stability, and it is available in black and white. The keyed lock enclosure makes it easy to access when tablet access is required.
  3. The BrandMe: iPad Floor Stand/ iPad Kiosk – It is critical for event exhibitors to get their story across in a quick, powerful way so to capture customer’s attention, which will hopefully lead to a long lasting business relationship. BrandMe is perfect for this task because it not only delivers the company message and information via the tablet, but also has a customizable panel which can display a name, a call to action or a logo. It secures all iPad models 1/2/3/4/Air/Air 2, and displays your iPad in both portrait and landscape positions. It can also be bolted down to the floor or secured with a cable lock.
  4. iPad Kiosk All in One – Tablets have become an essential for the exhibition booth, and the iPad Kiosk All in One turns the standard tablet into visitor registration, social sign up and lead capture in one. It is easy to install, and enriches the booth design with its sleek appearance. It protects the tablet, while still making it easily accessible for the customers to access the content.  It can be used to view the iPad in both landscape and portrait, and can tilt for versatile viewing. The iPad All in one Bundle combines all the advantages of the new iPad Enclosure and Security Lock, with an all-in-one counter-top bracket, making it a perfect all-inclusive iPad security kiosk.
  5. The HoverTab Security Tablet Lock Stand – Those who are exhibiting have the option of carrying the tablet around the booths perimeter, but can also easily and securely station it as a tablet display on their table/stand. It allows freedom to roam with the tablet by their side. It is a two part solution, the first being an adhesive steel plate that connects to the back of the iPad or tablet. The second is the six inch high stand, sloped at a 60 degree angle for optimal viewing and comfort. It is a great option for exhibitors because it is universal and lightweight.  It can be used to securely display any device (tablet or smartphone), and then can be carried around in your bag without even feeling any extra weight while walking around the show and checking out the other exhibits.

Our wide range of iPad and tablet holders are great for exhibition stands, retail environments, offices, schools, restaurants and the healthcare field. Our solutions offer security and practicality. Maclocks is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at two of the largest tradeshows in January 2015. International CES will be in Las Vegas on 1/6-1/9, and The NRF Show will be in New York 1/11-1/14.

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  1. Shant Nalbandian on November 14, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Great blog! with a list of amazing iPad stands. Yes, it is true that iPad stand can attract more visitors to your booth. With your iPad, you can showcase your business digitally at trade shows or at an exhibition to your audience.