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Anti-theft protection for ALL laptops

Good news – every day a new laptop comes out that is better, lighter and more affordable than the one before (buyers remorse heaven)!

Bad news – as the laptops evolve and get thinner, it gets more difficult to secure them due to their sleek platforms that don’t allow for traditional security slots (generic cable lock).

Amazing news – Maclocks has constantly been in the front line addressing these challenges as they develop to create low profile laptop locks that deliver optimal security and functionality, and often custom designed to given devices.

Your laptop is at HIGH risk of being snatched no matter who or where you are – working in a shared office, doing homework in your dorm room or just browsing the web in your local Starbucks. You can put all the money you want into software protection, but nothing comes close to stopping a thief like using a lock to physically secure your laptop to an immovable object. While this might seem extremely extreme, think of it this way …

Q: Would you ever leave your bike ANYWHERE and not lock it up?!?!


By that sense, you should never give a second thought to putting a lock on one of your most prized possession that holds the key to literally EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE.  If a stranger ever got a hold of your device we would recommend grabbing your go bag and running to that far off island you always dreamed of:) To really drill this home, imagine anyone and everyone having access to your passwords, emails, financial information, browsing history, pictures, etc. Hindsight shmindsight, why be a sitting duck who will eventually experience ‘this’ to know the stress and turmoil it can do to your life, trust us and the millions of people who have gone through it – its worth paying 1/15 of the laptop cost to keep it safe and yours.

The bottom line is that laptops come and go, but strong anti-theft protection allows the laptop to last forever. Here are the 3 top ways to lock any laptop you have, featuring The Ledge Lock, The Blade Lock and The Slot Lock!

If you have any questions, we are here to help at [email protected]

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  1. Brother Printer Support on April 10, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Obviously, We should always lock our laptop when we leave for any other work. And your blog is about laptop security is a great idea you shared.