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Get Ready for The Classroom of Tomorrow 2

Get Ready for The Classroom of Tomorrow

The latest advancements in technology are changing the shape of the educational space and transforming the classroom into a place where everyone can engage, interact and learn.

Screens all over the place

Technology can bring profound benefits when it comes to education.The use of screens inside the classroom is becoming almost obligatory, and it is easy to observe the increase of engagement among students when compared to more traditional teaching methods, such as reading from a textbook.

The creation of interactive experiences through computers, tablets and TVs help the students to share and analyze the knowledge with their colleagues. No more paper, notebooks, or heavy books. Students can learn and practice most subjects with the help of a screen.

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Mobility and Adaptation

The classroom ceases to be a fixed space and gain versatility and expansion. The old bookshelves give space to digital gadgets that are easier to store and contain unlimited resources. Many products start to be available to better adjust equipment and screens- now the classroom can be more expansive- kids of the future will enjoy a more ergonomic disposition of tables, chairs, screens and digital boards.

It will be the end of the fixed whiteboard hung on the wall and it will be the beginning of the era of tablet stands that can move across the classroom. The rows with tables will slowly disappear and the students will be able to sit anywhere they wish in the classroom. The most restless students will be able to stand during class if they wish.

The classrooms of the future won’t be limited to one specific place. Rather, they will have the ability to take place in online platforms and virtual spaces.

Will teachers become obsolete?

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When the virtual sphere becomes as important as the physical space, it is only natural for us to question if the teacher figure will survive the automatization of times. In a classroom where the students are able to access educational content and interact with the world through the internet, the teacher figure will be less central in the learning experience. We need to recognize that with the internet the answers for any question can be immediate and precise. The education system becomes more personalized and says goodbye to the teacher who had to instruct different students using only one strategy.

We can imagine that if the teacher will continue to exist, it will be as a monitor and a guide for the student’s unique learning path, rather than the source of the knowledge discussed in the classroom.

The classroom of the future is adaptable

The major benefit offered by the new technologies is to give access to different learning methodologies with maximum efficiency. With more freedom of space, autonomy and adaptability, it is possible to offer the best learning strategy to every type of student. The school of tomorrow comes with flexible schedules, the option of distance learning, and stimulates self-learning. Schools will be able to offer solutions for students with learning difficulties and other issues, but also maximize the potential for students with specific interests and personal goals.