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Maclocks for Education


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Compulocks e-Brochure


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Father’s Day Promotion! 15% Off EVERYTHING


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How One Tablet Can Save a Brick and Mortar Store

TweetThe boundaries that once prevented a traditional brick-and-mortar store from reaching their full potential began to diminish when the tablet was introduced. The tablet revolution has not just reached the retail industry, it has become one of the most essential elements shoppers have come to expect. Many retailers are adopting this in-store technological advancement, and […]

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Maclocks Map of America

TweetEvery year, Maclocks attends and exhibits at hundreds of trade-shows, exhibitions and conferences world-wide. Whatever the industry the show is targeting, it always provides the perfect platform to display and share our solutions with the public. They also provide us with a great opportunity to travel around and find our security display solutions in the field.  This is […]

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It’s Secured. Compulocks Confirms New Surface 3 Enclosure

TweetAustin, TX To elevate the experience of the “tablet-laptop hybrid”, Compulocks today announced a line of secured enclosures and lockable stands for Microsoft’s Surface 3. Compulocks reputation for being “first to market” is solidified once again with their line of Surface enclosures and stands for Microsoft Surface 3. These secured display solutions offer stylish protection […]

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SmartWaiver and Maclocks iPad Kiosk Makes Waivers Smart, Finally!

TweetFor those that have been to an activity-based business looking for some fun, you know the drill.  Before you can participate in the activity you need to sign the release of liability form, or, waiver. Smartwaiver is changing this inefficient and archaic way of signing waivers. With Smartwaiver, customers can sign digital waivers online, before […]

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Introducing the Capsule iPad Kiosk

Tweet From the Maclocks Premium Collection comes the “Capsule” a new iPad Air Kiosk, an iPad Enclosure with full cable management. The Capsule is designed to fit over a power source and have all the wiring and components housed within the kiosk. You can setup the Capsule as an iPad Air wall mount kiosk or […]

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Makeup Shop

“The Tablet is the King, We Provide the Throne and the Guards”

TweetOver the past few years iPad and tablet solutions have become a lifesaver for businesses around the globe. These innovative products have transformed how companies function. Tablets drastically improve efficiency, better the customer experience through digital signage, and produce more innovative engagement opportunities in all environments, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, retail, education, automotive industry, etc. […]

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

TweetMaclocks wishes you a happy day to honor a great man. Celebrate this day by giving to those less fortunate, teaching those who do not know, learning what you do not know, committing to a goal and dreaming bigger than before. We recommend you take a few minutes from your day to hear this world changing […]

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