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Maclocks for Education


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Long Beach Grand Prix

Maclocks Registration Kiosk in the Field

TweetMaclocks.com Tablet ‘Rugged Case’ Holder at Long Beach Grand Prix   The new Tablet Rugged Case Holder allows you to double your protection since it secures most protective cases on the market. The rugged tablet holder sports an adjustable cradle, which allows you to use a multitude of tablets and cases with one product! A main […]

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Makeup Shop

“The Tablet is the King, We Provide the Throne and the Guards”

TweetOver the past few years iPad and tablet solutions have become a lifesaver for businesses around the globe. These innovative products have transformed how companies function. Tablets drastically improve efficiency, better the customer experience through digital signage, and produce more innovative engagement opportunities in all environments, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, retail, education, automotive industry, etc. […]

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5 Tablet Solutions That Will Benefit Your Office

TweetMost people still see tablets as fun gadgets that will never replace notebooks, desktops or even people (fortunately). However, tablets have come a long way since they first hit the market. While it might not have been a popular prediction, it is the case now that tablets are commonly used everywhere, especially in business settings. […]

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Maclocks Mac Pro Lock is Still the Safest Bet, Now for the Best Price

TweetMaclocks Mac Pro Lock can be purchased as the Mac Pro Adapter for $49, or as the Mac Pro Lock Bundle (Mac Pro Adapter along with Security Cable Lock) for $69. Austin, TX Maclocks was determined to create the perfect security solution for the 2013 Mac Pro when it came out with no security slot, […]

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5 Ways Customers Can Use Tablet Based Solutions in Your Restaurant

Tweet Some industries have jumped right into the technological boom, while others are a bit more hesitant. Even though restaurants might have been part of the latter group, these days technology, particularly tablet based solutions, are definitely a part of the entire dining experience at almost every food establishment. The question remains – what are […]

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Maclocks Gives a Lesson in Security Solutions at ISTE 2014

Tweet Maclocks will be exhibiting at The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend of Jun 28th-July 1st. ISTE is the primary association for educators and education leaders who are instrumental in advancing innovative technology in the education field, specifically PK-12. Teachers, administrators, policy makers, media specialists and technology coordinators are […]

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Maclocks iPad Kiosk Stand at iDigital

TweetiDigital is the Apple Authorized Distributor in Israel. They operate as a subsidiary of the iConGroup, and are in charge of purchasing, reselling and distributing Apple products to secondary marketing channels. iDigital stores are modeled after the design of Apple stores around the world; modern, clean and comfortable. That is why Maclocks Executive iPad Enclosure […]

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How to Lock Your Macbook Pro to Your Desk by Elaine Adolfo

TweetIf you’re like most people who work with a large number of people, you work in a cubicle. Or you’re gonna work in a cubicle, you just don’t know it yet. Everyone says that working in an open space is great because you get to work together and the chance for spontaneous business conversations increases 10-fold. […]

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Mac Pro Lock with Cable Trap

Maclocks new Mac Pro Lock is one of the most anticipated product releases to date!

TweetThe largest Apple and tech sites around the globe have written up about the upcoming release of the first ever Mac Pro security solution. From one of our favorite websites Cult of Mac comes a highlight of the new Mac Pro Lock Security Bracket and its features: Clever Mac Pro Security Lock Traps Power Cable […]

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