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Vehicle Tablet Mount

Taking Your Tablet On the Road

Tweet Tablets are the ultimate form of portable productivity and entertainment. They are most commonly used in homes, schools and offices and in the last few years a necessity in stores, restaurants and even bars. The often overlooked appeal of the tablet is that it truly is mobile, and anywhere you can go, so can […]

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Long Beach Grand Prix

Maclocks Registration Kiosk in the Field

TweetMaclocks.com Tablet ‘Rugged Case’ Holder at Long Beach Grand Prix   The new Tablet Rugged Case Holder allows you to double your protection since it secures most protective cases on the market. The rugged tablet holder sports an adjustable cradle, which allows you to use a multitude of tablets and cases with one product! A main […]

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Maclocks Releases the First Double Locking iPad Enclosure Kiosk

TweetAustin, TX Designed for highly populated public areas such as banks and hotel lobbies, DoubleLock is being called the “The World’s Most Secure iPad Enclosure Kiosk”, and will have a unit ready for Apple’s newest iPad Mini 4. Kiosk manufacturer Maclocks today announced the innovative DoubleLock Kiosk which will soon hold the highly anticipated iPad […]

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Lotto NZ Chose IPad Kiosk and Became Case Study of the Month

TweetIf your company is interested in joining our Customer Case Study program, please contact us at [email protected] Your company and products will receive more exposure and free marketing to 50,000 business customers a month.                                  

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SmartWaiver and Maclocks iPad Kiosk Makes Waivers Smart, Finally!

TweetFor those that have been to an activity-based business looking for some fun, you know the drill.  Before you can participate in the activity you need to sign the release of liability form, or, waiver. Smartwaiver is changing this inefficient and archaic way of signing waivers. With Smartwaiver, customers can sign digital waivers online, before […]

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Maclocks Tablet POS at the The Cupcake Queens in Australia

8 Reasons to Use an iPad Kiosk in a Coffee Shop

TweetMost shop owners are now opting to run their business with an iPad or other touch mobile tablet. These devices take on multiple roles, such as replacing the cash register, tool for tracking inventory, and to keep customer records. Every business has their own reason for what convinced them to switch over to an iPad, […]

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Makeup Shop

“The Tablet is the King, We Provide the Throne and the Guards”

TweetOver the past few years iPad and tablet solutions have become a lifesaver for businesses around the globe. These innovative products have transformed how companies function. Tablets drastically improve efficiency, better the customer experience through digital signage, and produce more innovative engagement opportunities in all environments, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, retail, education, automotive industry, etc. […]

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Fresh Year, Fresh Gear – Maclocks Back to School Sale!

Tweet   Shop our Back to School Sale for 15% Off! http://www.maclocks.com/promotions Coupon Code: SCHOOL15

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5 Ways Tablet Solutions Can Benefit Retail Stores

TweetTablet technology has revolutionized the in-store shopping experience. Many retailers are adopting this in-store technology, and realizing how greatly they can enhance brand experiences with this development. Tablets (and their applications) possess such potential for changing the way people shop and spend, that eventually all your local stores will be believers. Here is a list […]

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Maclocks iPad Kiosk Stand at iDigital

TweetiDigital is the Apple Authorized Distributor in Israel. They operate as a subsidiary of the iConGroup, and are in charge of purchasing, reselling and distributing Apple products to secondary marketing channels. iDigital stores are modeled after the design of Apple stores around the world; modern, clean and comfortable. That is why Maclocks Executive iPad Enclosure […]

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