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Maclocks Releases the First Double Locking iPad Enclosure Kiosk

Austin, TX

Designed for highly populated public areas such as banks and hotel lobbies, DoubleLock is being called the “The World’s Most Secure iPad Enclosure Kiosk”, and will have a unit ready for Apple’s newest iPad Mini 4.

Kiosk manufacturer Maclocks today announced the innovative DoubleLock Kiosk which will soon hold the highly anticipated iPad Mini 4 and the yet to be released iPad Pro. The new kiosk has upped the industry expectations for “securing devices” with its dual locks and a rock solid frame. The extra security and practicality of this iPad Enclosure makes it the perfect solution for the hospitality industry.

This exceptionally tough enclosure turns the iPad into a secured informational kiosk or digital signage screen, which provides a stylish solution for hotels looking to modernize. “We have had so many requests from large hotel chains looking to integrate tablet kiosks, it was obvious we needed an enclosure that offered strong security in a subtle design,” said Alexander Gad, Maclocks Founder and CTO.

Maximizing the tablets convenience without compromising on appearance or functionality is what hotels demand for self-service kiosks, which guests now rely on for more functions than ever (providing local directions, planning itineraries, printing boarding passes, etc.).

Maclocks DoubleLock iPad Enclosure Kiosk is extremely lightweight yet durable and allows for full cable management. It is fully tamper proof, made of high grade industrial strength aluminum and includes a unique double lock and a recessed frame.

It is available with a variety of mounts, stands and kiosks, including the Wall Mount, Counter Kiosk and Floor Stand.  Customers have their choice of a Mini or Full size enclosure, so it accommodates a range of iPads and tablets.

About Maclocks

Maclocks is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing security and display solutions for Apple devices.