Security Cable Locks

Explore Maclocks’ wide range of cables for locking and adapters for cable locks to support laptops that don’t have a security slot. Protect your valuables with powerful security cables for any laptop or MacBook. Our locks are designed with security as a priority, which means our cables will cause no damage nor manipulation to your devices.

Our catalog of laptop locks come in a variety of forms so that you can get low-profile designs without compromising functionality. For a more hidden lock, consider our Blade Universal Lock Slot Adapter, which allows you to connect one of our locks behind your computer. For more obvious locations, consider our Front Lock or Ledge Lock.

Security Cable Locks

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Cables for Locking Laptops Anywhere 

Our flexibly designed security cables can be used in a variety of contexts and scenarios. Protect the devices that fuel your business and prevent laptops, computers, and other IT hardware theft with these locks. Whether you’re a remote worker looking for some extra security in a shared workspace or a business owner supplying laptops for customer or employee use, we have a locking cable that will fit any environment. Enhance your efficiency with peace of mind from our secure cables for locking. 

Elevate Your Business With Maclocks

Maclocks provides anti-theft security cables so that you and your business can have the peace of mind you deserve. Focus on what you do best, and allow Maclocks to handle the security of your devices. For larger businesses placing a bulk order, we offer the ability to have just one key work for every identical product – helping you simplify your business operations. If you’d like to forgo a key entirely, we offer combination and other types of locks. Flexibility and functionality are our priorities, ensuring your cables for locking laptops and other devices elevate your business in any industry.