Universal Kiosks / POS

Shop from a wide range of universal hardware solutions and tablet stands to suit the POS needs of your business. Create your point of sale or checkout stand with any device while preserving security and functionality. Transform your business displays with our high-security tablet-based POS solutions.

Our products are the ideal way to modernize your existing tablet display solutions and improve customer experience. Especially for businesses looking to transition to enabling customers to take care of their own POS at a kiosk, these highly secure stands will save valuable time and resources.

Universal Kiosks / POS

Set Descending Direction

POS Tablet Stands For Every Business

From retail to hospitality, elevate your point of sale interactions. Do you need our Magnetic Fixed Stand to conduct secure transactions in one place? Could you simplify your business operations by arming your store’s brand representatives with our Hand Grip and Dock Tablet Stand to complete transactions from anywhere? Whatever your POS lacks, Maclocks has the high-security stands you need to upgrade.

Designed for Security and Flexibility

Each of our products are designed to function as an ecosystem, working together on a shared, universal platform. Browse our unique collection to find the POS upgrades your business needs!