Secured display solutions for your Surface Tablet Secured display solutions for your Surface Tablet

Surface Pro wall mounts are an easy solution for businesses to free up floor space, improve organization, or even draw attention to certain areas of the room. Enclosure mounts are sleek, low-profile, and protect your valuable electronics from theft, damage, and manipulation by unauthorized parties with security features like Quick Lock and Unlock keyed locks. 

Made with high-grade aluminum for ruggedness, these Microsoft Surface wall mounts are built for display stability, whether you’re going for the enclosure mounts or magnetic mounts. Safely mount your Microsoft tablet on any wall to erect a self-service kiosk and provide interactivity and engagement in your store, restaurant, office, hotel, bank, and more.

Microsoft Surface Wall Mounts

Set Descending Direction

Intuitively Designed Surface Pro Wall Mounts

Our collection of wall mounts has been intuitively designed to suit the needs of businesses with different use cases. Whether you need something stable and fixed or something that offers more flexibility in viewing angles, we have what you need. Most of our products can be seamlessly integrated into a universal platform to speed up your business operations efficiently. Besides Microsoft Surface wall mounts, we also have iPad wall mounts, Galaxy wall mounts, laptop wall mounts, and universal wall mounts that can fit tablets of any size, make, and model. Explore now to discover the perfect solution for your business.

More Than A Decade of Experience 

At Maclocks, we’ve been designing tablet mounts like Surface Pro wall mounts, enclosures, rolling carts, and other interactive display hardware solutions since 2010. We understand that every project has its own individual requirements, so we offer solutions that are flexible and can be customized for your purpose, whether it’s point-of-sale, self-service, or events like trade shows, exhibitions, and more. If you can’t find the right fit for your business, let us know and we’d be happy to brainstorm with you and custom-design the most ideal solution for your business!