Samsung Galaxy POS Kiosks and Stands
Samsung Galaxy POS Kiosks and Stands
Secured display solutions for your Galaxy Tab A9+ Secured display solutions for your Galaxy Tab A9+

Samsung Galaxy POS Kiosks and Stands

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Functional and Durable Samsung Tablet Kiosk Stands

Make sales and manage your retail business with Samsung Galaxy POS solutions. Samsung Galaxy tablet wall mounts, floor stands, and kiosks have many uses. Your business can use tablet kiosks for point of sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software purposes. Include an optional credit card reader bracket as a convenient way to accept payments.

Maclocks designs and develops versatile Samsung tablet kiosk stands that work well for companies in any industry. Our Samsung Galaxy Counter Stands are great for customer-facing employees who need to process information, take payments, or both. We also offer Hand Grip and Dock Tablet Stands that make it easy for employees to take tablets on the go. This stand is excellent for warehouse workers, healthcare employees, or professionals in other fast-paced industries.

Digitize Your Business With Customized Solutions

Maclocks helps companies around the world display tablets with confidence. Our display solutions feature an exclusive tamper-proof design. Secure cable management helps keep self-service areas and workstations free from wires. Our stands can also charge connected tablets, keeping your customers and employees connected at all times. Find out how Maclocks can develop a customizable way to display your company’s tablets. Check out our product catalogs to begin the easy path to digitizing your business.