Locks & Mounts

Our tablet locks are intuitively designed with your business in mind. From tamper-proof screws to security combination locks, we have a wide variety options based on your needs. Our secure tablet mounts are lightweight and ventilated to maintain full functionality of your devices as well as your peace of mind.

Secure your business with our tablet locks and mounts. Protect the devices that keep your business running and growing with top-of-the-line security accessories that will fit your tablet, no matter the make, size, or model.

Locks & Mounts

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Tablet Locks and Mounts For Every Business

Tablets are incredibly useful to a wide range of businesses, from small cafes using electronic menus to larger businesses using them for payments. Our high-grade aluminum mounts and unique ledge locks protect your devices so that you can allow your customers or staff to use them freely without any concern of theft or misplacement. 

Does your business require e-signatures, registration, or filling out forms? Do you use tablets for design work? Our Apple pencil secured lock will ensure your pencil stays attached to your counter without sacrificing your customers’ space and ease of use. Or, maybe your business has an Apple TV in the reception so customers have entertainment while they wait. Our lightweight Apple TV security mount can be installed on any flat surface 

Designed With You In Mind 

When the first Macbooks and iPads came out without any locks or security options, Maclocks was founded to address the physical security of these Apple products. We sell security tablet and laptop display stands, kiosks, locks and security accessories for all industries, such as healthcare, education, and retail. Maclocks has grown to become one of the top companies for secure tablet stands and mounts for businesses in the USA.