Secured display solutions for your Galaxy Tab A9+ Secured display solutions for your Galaxy Tab A9+

Keep your Samsung Galaxy tablet safe and integrate it into your regular business operations with Maclocks Samsung tablet wall mount. Our easy-to-use and durable accessories are just what you need to strengthen your brand image and improve the customer experience.

Whether you’re looking for a fixed wall mount or something magnetic, we have multiple versions available to meet your needs. Our Galaxy tab wall mount is the ideal accessory for a quick release and locking display system that can help you ensure seamless business processes.

Samsung Galaxy Wall Mounts

Set Descending Direction

A Wall Mount for Better Usability

It’s challenging to always be aware of where and how you can improve efficiency. Having your tablet set up before a meeting or exhibition when you have a wall mount is a great way to boost productivity and stay organized. You can also find wall mounts with rotating arms, which are perfect for improving accessibility. 

Our wall mounts help you conceal charging cables that are connected to the tablet. From establishing a self-service kiosk to creating an informational display for your staff, these are just a few examples where the Samsung tablet wall mount can improve everyday tasks for your business. 

Accessible and Adaptable

At Maclocks, our kiosks, floor stands, and wall mounts for laptops and tablets have made us a premier industry leader. No matter what industry you’re in, our designs are adaptable to a variety of needs. They are easy to use, and the Samsung tablet wall mount, in particular, comes with simple locking mechanisms that make it ideal for anyone. 

When you’re looking for a durable and adaptable solution to make your business more efficient, we can help. Browse through our Galaxy tab wall mount collection to find one that is ideal for your requirements.