Tablet Glass and Wall Mount Display Solutions

Glass mounts from Maclocks display iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, and many other tablets on glass, stainless steel, or marble surfaces. Maclocks also offers universal wall mounts compatible with any 7” to 13” tablet.

These products feature a Compulocks Hive system paired with high-strength VHB adhesive pads that hold your company's tablets. A durable VESA wall bracket helps ensure your mounts won’t budge.

Glass Mount

Set Descending Direction

Surface, Galaxy, and iPad Glass Wall Mounts

Our tablet glass and wall mounts are great for hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, and many other companies. A high-grade aluminum enclosure keeps your company’s tablets safe from tampering and damage. Our mounts also conceal charging cables to ensure your devices never run out of power, even in high-use or high-traffic situations.

Maclocks also offers glass and wall mounts that let your employees, customers, or other users easily rotate tablets between orientation modes. Enjoy sleek and functional ways to present information or unveil interactive displays. Maclocks designs our mounts to be low-profile, meaning they don’t distract people from viewing or interacting with your displays.

Our tablet glass mounts provide perfect interactive display solutions for:

Healthcare facilities

Conference rooms

Production lines





Designed for Functionality and Flexibility

Whether installed in low or high-traffic areas, tablet glass mounts are excellent ways to display information, interactive displays, and much more. For many years, we’ve worked with companies around the world to provide high-quality tablet displays. Besides our wide range of wall mounts, Maclocks also offers kiosks, floor stands, and device locks. We’re confident that our current and custom solutions can improve how your company operates. Whether you need intuitive device displays for your offices, trade shows, or events, Maclocks can provide a high-quality and customized solution. Contact us today for the best way to display your company’s tablets.