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Compulocks’ Athlete Wins Women’s World Karate Championships

Compulocks is very proud to announce that in a remarkable achievement, our friend and World Class Kyokushin karate fighter Ksenia Zasorina, won big at the recently-concluded 2018 Women’s World Weight Category Karate Championships.  She showed amazing grit as she battled for the championship title and became the WORLD CHAMPION in the Middle Weight 65kg Division which is known […]

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Vehicle Tablet Mount

Taking Your Tablet On the Road

Tablets are the ultimate form of portable productivity and entertainment. They are most commonly used in homes, schools and offices and in the last few years a necessity in stores, restaurants and even bars. The often overlooked appeal of the tablet is that it truly is mobile, and anywhere you can go, so can the […]

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Whats The Difference Between….

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Comp video

Behind the Scenes of Compulocks

Compulocks welcomes you to watch our new company overview video. We are very excited to take you ‘behind the scenes’, and hope it helps you obtain a better understanding of our company, our products, and our capabilities. We have some very exciting projects going on, and this video will give you an overview of each of […]

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Compulocks ‘New iPad’ Security Solutions Are Designed for the Classroom

Following the official launch of the New iPad, Hardware Security Manufacturer Compulocks confirms full line of secure enclosures, stands and locks.  3/28/2018 | AUSTIN, TX  The rumors of Apple’s newest devices were confirmed yesterday at Apple’s annual Spring Event which was geared toward education.  The highlight of the show was the reveal of a brand-new 9.7-inch […]

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ELD Truck

Compulocks Rugged ELD Mounting Solutions

GUEST POST by John Gunn, Global Director  ELD Mount is our latest brand to leverage Compulocks’ experience in tablet mounting solutions throughout other industries into the transportation industry globally.  Protect, mount, and power the tablet of your choice. Today’s ever evolving use of consumer tablets by large and small enterprises has transformed the way we do business […]

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MacSources 1

MacSources Reviews MacBook Ledge Lock

MacSources by Robyn | Mar 1, 2018 | Secure your MacBook Pro when you’re in public, with MacBook Pro security lock adapter Robyn from MacSources, reviewed our macbook pro security lock adapter and here is what MacSources have to say. “When you work in an open-office setting, you want your belongings to be safe. When you have a laptop, […]

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Meet Us At EuroCIS This Week!

Compulocks is excited to be exhibiting at EuroCIS to showcase our extensive range of mPOS and retail tech solutions at The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology, in Düsseldorf, Germany, 27/2 – 01/3.  At the show, Compulocks will be taking mobile devices into the future of commercial applications with fully integrated electronics into tablet and phone enclosures. The event features […]

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Meet Us at Seamless Australasia 2018

Compulocks is excited to be exhibiting at Seamless Australasia to showcase our extensive range of mPOS and retail tech solutions at the International Convention Centre, Sydney, March 13-14. The event features a multitude of world-renowned speakers from leading global companies. Visit us at stand #39 to learn about what we are doing in mPOS/POS, connected […]

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Black Shield

BlackShield Privacy Glass Necessary for Law Enforcement iPhone Deployment

Tinted Cell Phone Screen Protectors are the ultimate privacy solutions for those using iPhones in high security situations, such as enforcement officers of the NYPD. AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 7, 2018 Compulocks, the global leader of hardware security solutions, has recently announced its new line of device security, BlackShield. This premium quality privacy screen protector allows users to safeguard private […]

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