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Vehicle Tablet Mount

Taking Your Tablet On the Road

Tweet Tablets are the ultimate form of portable productivity and entertainment. They are most commonly used in homes, schools and offices and in the last few years a necessity in stores, restaurants and even bars. The often overlooked appeal of the tablet is that it truly is mobile, and anywhere you can go, so can […]

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Comp video

Behind the Scenes of Compulocks

TweetCompulocks welcomes you to watch our new company overview video. We are very excited to take you ‘behind the scenes’, and hope it helps you obtain a better understanding of our company, our products, and our capabilities. We have some very exciting projects going on, and this video will give you an overview of each of […]

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ELD Truck

Compulocks Rugged ELD Mounting Solutions

TweetGUEST POST by John Gunn, Global Director  ELD Mount is our latest brand to leverage Compulocks’ experience in tablet mounting solutions throughout other industries into the transportation industry globally.  Protect, mount, and power the tablet of your choice. Today’s ever evolving use of consumer tablets by large and small enterprises has transformed the way we do business […]

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retail line up

Introducing Compulocks’ New Line of Security Locks for Retail Market

TweetCompulocks Brands Inc., the global leader and manufacturer of hardware security solutions, has unveiled a new line of Security Locks for the retail market.  With packaging that is equally elegant as it is consumer friendly, it provides a welcome addition to Compulocks’ product line and comes in 4 variations: The MacBook Lock, The Laptop Lock, The Tablet & Laptop Lock and […]

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Compulocks for Healthcare

Tablet Mobility for healthcare

TweetIt took some time, but the healthcare industry has now fully evolved and embraced mobile computing technology for all. Tablets are revolutionary, transformative devices for healthcare professionals who constantly need to gather and access information instantly. Creating secure solutions that make the tablet effortlessly mobile without adding weight or compromising any functionality is invaluable to the industry. A recent study shows that […]

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The BIG Back to School Sale

Recommended for ‘Back to School’

Tweet Recommended for ‘Back to School’ ….. Laptop Locks: The Wedge Lock, The Ledge Lock, New MacBook Wedge Lock Universal Locks: The Blade Lock Tablet Kiosks: Hand Grip and Dock Tablet Stand, The Rise iPad Kiosk, iPad Lock and Case Bundle, BrandMe Tablet Stand Secure Charging Units: ChargeBox, Cartipad Tablet Charging Cabinet Premium Accessories: Edge Band, […]

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box girl

Product of the Month – ChargeBox Tablet Locker

TweetChargeBox – Secure and Charge up to 10 Tablets – Counter-top or Mounted Tablet Locker The Maclocks ChargeBox secure charging locker is a lightweight storage option for up to 10 tablets with an integrated 10-port USB hub. Compatible with tablets up to 11 inches in screen size, the ChargeBox can hold a wide variety of […]

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MacNN iPad Cling 2.0

MacNN Review : Cling 2.0 Universal Tablet Security Stand

TweetMay 12, 2016 by MacNN Staff for MacNN Review Your iPad is capable of doing so much more than browsing Facebook and playing cat videos on YouTube and chances are you already know that. The problem, though, is that your iPad is also fairly defenseless and might need a little help in situations where it’s expected to […]

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Maclocks top 5

Maclocks Top 5 Products of 2015!

TweetIn the world of tablet security and display solutions, 2015 was a big year for Universal, POS and tablet mobility solutions. While we are excited to welcome the New Year and share all the new items we have been discretely working on, we thought you should know what made it into Maclocks top 5 products […]

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Blade Review

TechSpective Reviews Compulocks Blade Universal Lock

TweetBY TONY BRADLEY ON DECEMBER 7, 2015 for TechSpective Have you ever had a computer stolen? Have you ever stepped away from a laptop or tablet while working at a coffee shop and returned to find it missing? If you have, then you know how frustrating—or possibly even devastating that can be. If you haven’t, […]

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