Universal Tablet Magnetic Mount and Rise Stand


Innovative universal solution compatible with any tablet
- Designed for mPOS, assisted shopping, self-service kiosks, etc
- ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant
- Easily switch between portrait and landscape modes 
- Tilting head mount
- Stand available in a variety of heights
- Through arm cable management 
- Security accessories available

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Universal Tablet Magnetic Mount and Rise Stand
Universal Tablet Magnetic Mount and Rise Stand

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    Universal Tablet Magnetic Mount and Rise Stand
    Availability: In stock

    Bring flexibility to your business and checkout process with this unique tablet solution. Securely dock any tablet to an elegant pole stand while being able to freely remove it and benefit from extra mobility and in-store efficiency. Dock and Undock your tablet in a snap!

    Energize the shopping experience with exciting customer-staff interactions and generate upsells with additional product information and personalized suggestions. 

    The slim and strong Universal Tablet Magnetic Mount combines an adhesive metal plate and a proprietary design VESA magnetic plate on a Rise pole stand. 

    The adhesive metal plate can be easily added to the back of any tablet brand and size. It includes a cable lock slot to keep the tablet safe when removed from its base. Its stylish design makes it discreet when the tablet is used off stand, and does not interfere with the user’s experience.

    This extra mobility makes our stand ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant by facilitating interactivity and access to the tablet by any person with disabilities.

    The VESA magnetic plate has 4 heavy duty magnets and a special design allowing it to perfectly display the tablet both in portrait and landscape modes. The strong materials are designed to be used even in high traffic venues making the installation durable for intensive daily use and unlimited docking/undocking.

    The Rise pole stand has wire through cut-outs for clean cable management and a screen tilting feature for maximise customer engagement.

    The optional Dual head coiled cable is a must to secure the tablet to the stand for hassle-free use, keeping all excess cabling tightly wound. Made of slim galvanized steel, it has low-profile 180-degree rotating cable connections that move freely while the tablet is manipulated by the user for a smooth experience, while the 180 degree rotating T-bar head locks make it easier to lock and unlock. 

    In environments such as retail stores, trade shows or restaurants, the tablet can be unlocked and stored safely or placed in a charging and synchronizing cabinet, for hassle-free fleet management..

    Add extra protection by selecting a Silicone Rugged band for your tablet.

    The Universal Tablet Magnetic Mount and Rise Stand includes:

    · Adhesive tablet plate with a lock slot
    · VESA Magnetic plate
    · Rise Pole Stand

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