Secured display solutions for every iPad Secured display solutions for every iPad

Standalone iPad podiums are the ideal solution for projects where wall or desk space isn’t an option. Our floor stands for iPads are height-adjustable and brandable, making them perfect for trade shows, exhibits, retail environments, and more. With a sleek design made with heavy-duty aluminum and featuring best-in-class security measures and cable concealment, these iPad stands can securely elevate your business's look while engaging your customers. Choose from a range of low-profile and industrial stands to build standalone kiosks for your business.

Apple iPad Floor Stands

Set Descending Direction

Brandable iPad Floor Stands

Interactive kiosks give your brand an opportunity to connect with your customers and speed up operations like sales and guest check-ins that would otherwise have to be done manually and tediously. Our stands come with branding capabilities to help you make a strong impact with every interaction. Coupled with adjustable viewing angles, key-locked enclosures, concealed cables, and a non-tip base, our iPad podiums deliver the right mix of security, stability, function, and professional aesthetic. Secure your device and user controls from misuse without compromising on the ease of access.

Devices That Work For Every Use Case

All Maclocks products, including our iPad floor stands and wall mounts, have been engineered to be compatible with a variety of use cases in different industries. From digital signage and point-of-sale to order processing and self-checkouts, our products are versatile enough to serve your every purpose. Use them in your retail store, at corporate meetings, as transactional kiosks, and more. Explore our catalog for more options.