Tablet Rugged Cases Locking Stand

- Mounts to wall or counter-top
- Quick-release and lock system
- Can be set in either portrait or landscape mode
- Fits with most rugged case brands
- Adjustable to fit both mini and full-size tablets
- Screen Tilt and Swivel

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Rugged case holder

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Universal iPad Rugged Case Holder
Tablet Rugged Cases Locking Stand

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Tablet Rugged Cases Locking Stand
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Maclocks’ Universal Locking Rugged Case Holder with the swinging counter or wall mount is perfect for the mobile user and workforce. The Rugged Case Holder allows you to double your tablet protection in harsh environments, such as in logistics, warehouses, factories, work vehicles, and other heavy-duty uses. An adjustable cradle allows you to use different  tablet sizes and brands, even with their rugged cases A main feature of the Rugged Case Mount is that it allows for a quick lock and release of the tablet while remaining in-case. Our new universal solution is vital to the integration of tablet use in the work-space and on the go, keeping the device secure and functional. The Universal Rugged Case Holder fits all major tablets with rugget cases  (Samsung, Zebra, Panasonic, etc.) and almost all regular tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tabs, Surface) with all major case brands (Otterbox, etc.).

Compatibility Measurements:
Minimum Height: 4.33in (109.98mm)
Maximum Height: 7.43in (188.72mm)

Minimum Length: 5.20in (132.08mm)
Maximum Length: 12.30 (312.42mm)

Max Case Thickness: 3/4" (19mm)

Rugged Case Holder Includes:
- Secure Rugged Case Mount
- Setup Hardware
- Set of Keys

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