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Are you ready for the tech revolution in the restaurant industry?

A scene from the future

Not so long ago, this scene would be in a futuristic movie:

A customer walks into a restaurant or a coffee shop.

Instead of being greeted by a hostess, he approaches a digital interface, let’s say an iPad wall mount or floor stand, punches in his reservation info and is directed to his table. Instead of flipping through a menu and waiting for a waiter to take his order, he scrolls through another digital device to select and place his order, receiving an up-to-the-minute estimate of how long his meal will take to arrive.

As he waits, he scans through the screen to catch up on his social media, learn about the specialty cocktails, and peruse the dessert menu. His children, if they accompany him, have a ready-made source of entertainment, allowing them to play games (perhaps establishment themed) rather than wreak havoc around the restaurant.

When he is done dining, instead of presenting his credit card to the waiter, he swipes his card on the digital device and is emailed a receipt and perhaps a coupon incentivizing future visits to the establishment.

The future is here…are you ready?

Are you ready for the tech revolution in the restaurant industry? 2

OK…now, let’s be serious.

We all know that this is not in some imaginary distant future. It is the present and has been for some time.

Majority of the big chains have already adopted or in the process, but lots of small to medium size restaurants are still lagging behind. Yes, many are already using social media, Yelp and google my business…but there is more money on the table.

Today, the customers are tech-savvy, always try to find the best deal, the better review, quick and convenient visit, and payment – so why not providing all of that and even more?

You don’t have to be a huge restaurant chain to achieve it…

iPad is one of the top choices, at least in the USA. Whether in the form of table iPad mount for menu or kids’ entertainment, iPad wall mount for branding and vibe, iPad Kiosk or iPad floor stands are being used at an increasing rate to maximize sales.

Having the iPad securely displayed, like in an iPad wall mount, gives you the chance to interact with your customers and provide a better customer experience.

Fine, so this is trendy, but what does it do for me?

There are many benefits for restaurants who get onboard this growing trend, or better yet, lead it.

First, being “trendy” has its own benefits – it brands you as a well-managed, attentive and a modern business, and that makes customers more likely to visit your establishment. The competition is fierce…and you can stand out for the crowd. Even with simple things…

Just imagine, you and your neighborhood competitor are pretty similar. Similar prices, size, and services. But now, you’ve placed an iPad wall mount in every dining booth, and the kids can sit and play while the family waits for dinner. The parents can have a more relaxed visit and enjoy the family dinner thus better experience. So next time they’ll have to choose where to have dinner, you sure will have an edge.

A simple thing, possibly nice results.

save time with ipad wall mount







Second, iPad wall mount, enclosures and Kiosks utilizing tablet POS can shave up to five minutes of table occupancy per meal by streamlining the ordering and payment system, resulting in more table turnover, allowing you to serve more customers with the same amount of floor space.

Needless to say, this also represents a considerable saving in manpower costs. Waiters, if you choose to employ them, can concentrate on bringing orders to tables, answering questions and dealing with customer-specific needs, rather than memorizing orders and processing payments. Indeed, your customers will no longer have cause to be irritated with waiters not observing their arcane gesticulations – they can be summoned to the table with the push of a button.

Table iPad mount, iPad wall mount in every booth or iPad floor stands can also ratchet up sales by providing your customers with enticing visual displays of your special offers, appetizers, drinks, desserts and so forth.

This is so simple, just take pics of your desserts and beverages and make a presentation. Save money and time on prints, go digital. You can show more, spend less on print services.

Is this effective? Well, according to various industry blogs and case studies, you may see that tables installed with table iPad mounts or iPad wall mount, witness 30% more orders of desserts and appetizers than tables relying on paper menus and waiter persuasion. Does that sound good to you?

What about losing the human touch? Won’t I lose customers by doing away with human service?

Are you ready for the tech revolution in the restaurant industry?This argument has been made by every industry undergoing automation throughout history.

The fact of the matter is that 52% of consumers would rather use an electronic payment system and do away with the ritual of waving a waiter over to accept their credit card (not to mention the embarrassment and misunderstandings of explaining to how to split up the payment between the different diners) and that 25% of them openly state that the availability of self-service iPad kiosks are a decisive factor in choosing where to dine.

Besides, no one is saying to eliminate the human factor completely, rather you make it more meaningful by allowing your employees to concentrate on serving orders, responding to requests and questions, rather than keep them bustling in taking orders and processing payments.

Using iPad wall mount or tabletop to provide games, branding, beautiful pics of your gorgeous deserts, have nothing to do with a human touch…but has everything to do with providing a better experience and more sales.

iPads, or any tablet, of course, are the changing face of hospitality, creating a modern and welcoming feel to your 21st-century establishment.

Robust, secure – and attractive

Are you ready for the tech revolution in the restaurant industry? 1


Restaurant iPad stands, whether they are Table iPad mounts, iPad wall mounts, iPad kiosks or iPad floor stands need to be capable of withstanding heavy use, sometimes with greasy and sticky fingers.

They need to be theft proof and not be easily misplaced, provide different features like continues charging, cable management and custom button access.



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