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» Blog » Press Release » The iPad Can Finally Reach its Fullest Potential with Maclocks Reach Tablet Display Solution
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The iPad Can Finally Reach its Fullest Potential with Maclocks Reach Tablet Display Solution

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 18, 2014

Maclocks is bringing your iPad closer to you with their new display solution aptly named The Reach Articulating Arm; a great descriptor of what it does. It is a flexible arm that attaches to a ledge and reaches the iPad to any level you choose, appearing as a floating tablet. Unlike other products that might seem similar, The Reach Arm is a sophisticated solution that cannot be weighed down by the iPad. The arm has an industrial strength gas mechanism, and it won’t move unless you move it.


Once you find the perfect place for your Reach Arm for iPad, you just have to tighten the clamp onto the ledge, avoiding any drilling into your counter. Wherever you decide to put it is not permanent, thanks to easy installation and removal. Reach was designed to play the part of your third arm that is modern in design, effortlessly bending and stretching with optimal stability. It holds the iPad so you don’t have to.

The Reach Articulating Arm elevates the iPad enclosure literally and figuratively; it creates a new way of interacting with your iPad applications you never thought possible. Companies never have to miss an opportunity to bring a client in simply due to location. When the Reach is set up in a conference room, it will hold the tablet to video chat a client who can’t physically be there, or one can comfortably analyze reports with remote colleagues via web conference. Rather than awkwardly leaning the iPad on the table and then passing it around, the Reach stands alone and comfortably places the FaceTime guest at the eye level of everyone else in the conversation.

We can guarantee that in the near future The Reach Arm will be found in every medical exam room. Patients will actually look forward to visiting their dentist if they could play games on the iPad Kiosk while having their teeth cleaned. The dentist will appreciate it even more because it can be placed in the patients view, but it can be swiftly moved out of the way when necessary.

Hospitals who are committed to the latest advances will provide the Reach by every hospital bed. Then patients can stay comfortable lying down and use the iPad to stay connected to the outside world, or as an entertainment device that they can easily control without having to move. If a surgeon is performing a surgery, they can easily swing the tablet to their view to access the electronic medical records of their patient. Should another medical professional in the room need to access it that is easily done with the Reach Arm. It will transform the capabilities of patient care.

It will also revamp the lives of those in the education field. The iPad is a solid tool for education because it helps the students connect with the content. However, when placed in the Reach Articulating Arm, it will become the most valuable asset for both teachers and students. Take a science classroom for example. In order to safely use the iPad in the laboratory environment where water and other chemicals could damage them, place the iPad in the Reach to ensure that it doesn’t get ruined or contaminated because it will hover above the experiment level.

Maclocks Reach Articulating Arm is here to take your ordinary iPad and make it extraordinary. It is now available on