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Samsung Projects

Secure Your Samsung Galaxy

Compulocks is proud to offer the largest selection for Samsung security mounts, stands, kiosks and accessories for all ranges and modifications of the Galaxy Tab. Space Galaxy 360 The Space Galaxy Stand is the ultimate security solution for all display settings including education, health-care, corporate, retail and point of sale environments. It has full tilt for ideal viewing and easy […]

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New Surface Pro Lock

Introducing…. ‘New Surface Pro’ Lock

New Surface Pro Lock The Blade Lock is the ultimate security solution for the New Surface Pro. With a motto of “No Slot – No Sweat” the industrial adhesive bracket attaches to the New Surface Pro and incorporates a lock slot to the tip of the retractable blade. It’s minimalist style essentially hides it from plain […]

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HyperSpace Color

Elevate Your iPad

Shop HyperSpace Now!

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All you need for back to school ✏📓

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Nashville Predators Kiosk

Maclocks at NHL Playoffs

For the 2016 NHL playoffs, the Nashville Predators wanted a new info kiosk for the lobby of Bridgestone Arena. While the structure was completely functional as an informational desk, the idea was to make it look like a giant hockey puck, so fans could take photos with it as well. Inside the puck structure were […]

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DoubleGlass for iPad

Double the Protection with DoubleGlass (TM)

Extreme Impact Protection – Can withstand up to 132 lb/ 60 kg of weight. Scratch Resistant – 9H material delivers unprecedented scratch protection. Maximum Clarity – High-grade tempered glass preserves crystal clear image resolution. Anti-smudge Coating – Nano-coating repels natural skin oils and dust and is easy to keep clean. Precision Touch – Ultra smooth […]

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Galaxy S8/+ Security Stand

Infinite Security🌌Samsung Galaxy S8/+

The clean looking SlideDock is a versatile product that can provide you with a simple clean way to securely display your EMV reader or Smartphone POS. The SlideDock is a two-part system, the first being an adhesive plate that connects to the back of the device. The second is an angled swivel stand, with a […]

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Protect Yo'Self

Protect Yo’Self!

The Edge protective band is a strong, cushioned rubber add-on that surrounds your tablet to protect it from marks, scratches and dents. Perfect when paired with our adhesive lock plates, grips and stands for protected tablet mobility. With the EDGE band, the tablet is easier to grasp and reduces the concern of dropping and damaging […]

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3 ways to lock your Laptop 4 .pdf

Anti-theft protection for ALL laptops

Good news – every day a new laptop comes out that is better, lighter and more affordable than the one before (buyers remorse heaven)! Bad news – as the laptops evolve and get thinner, it gets more difficult to secure them due to their sleek platforms that don’t allow for traditional security slots (generic cable lock). Amazing […]

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MacBook Pro Touch Bar Ledge Bundle

Ultimate Security for MacBook Pro Touch Bar

The Ledge Lock Slot Adapter is the world’s smallest, most revolutionary security cable lock adapter for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13″ and 15″ models. With a simple turn of a screw your MacBook will have a compatible cable lock slot that will work with our security cable locks. The proprietary design does not require […]

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