Samsung for Bendigo Bank

Samsung for Bendigo Bank

Featured products: The HoverTab | Industry: Hospitality/Retail | Client: Samsung Electronics Australia & Community Telco Australia

The Customer

Samsung Electronics Australia & Community Telco Australia launched their own retail POS mobile payment solution called redy®. The payment solution offers customers the ability to make
payments by using their mobile device to scan a unique QR code displayed at point of sale via a Samsung tablet. ‘redy’ connects the purchases people make from the businesses they prefer to the things they care about.

The Challenge

Maclocks was petitioned by Samsung and Community Telco to create a secure display solution specifically for their Samsung ‘redy’ tablets. They wanted a tablet POS solution that was equally secure, stationary yet flexible, affordable and lightweight. It was important for them that their employees have the option of carrying the tablet around the store, but can also easily and securely station it as a tablet display next to the cashier.

The Solution

The HoverTab is a universal display stand for any tablet or smartphone. It is a two part solution, the first being an adhesive steel plate that connects to the back of the device, and the
second is the six inch high stand, sloped at a 60 degree angle for optimal viewing and comfort. The stands security is an integrated keyed cylinder lock that latches the device in to place.
For additional security, the stand itself can be screwed to the table surface or connected with a security cable lock.


Customer Feedback

“The HoverTab displays look great and we’re all really happy with the end product. The design came together nicely for Bendigo Bank and Community Telco. Good job, and thanks for making the ‘redy’ terminals perfect for point-of-sale!”


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