Featured products: Rise Freedom | Industry: Healthcare | Client: Voyce

The Customer

Voyce provides specialized Video Remote Interpretation to the legal, healthcare, and business communities. With one in five Americans speaking a language other than English, the need for reliable and accessible interpretation is growing. 

In healthcare, clear communication between the medical staff, the patients and their families is critical. 

The Challenge

Voyce needed a large quantity of mobile tablets stands for an established hospital in New York. In the medical environment, quick access to interpretation devices can help save lives. 

They approached Compulocks, requesting a solution that will improve the mobility of communication tablets, to provide easy access between rooms, and reach close to the patient’s bed, for better interaction. The solution had to be mobile, sturdy, and secured, preventing theft or misplacement. 

The Solution

Compulocks’ Rise Freedom rolling stand is VESA compatible enabling it to support conventional monitors as well as any of Compulocks custom tablet enclosures. By adding an Extended Articulating Arm to the rolling stand, Compulocks was able to provide Voyce a mobile and accessible stand for their tablet application, that is durable, easily transported, and reliable.  


The Rise Freedom can be adjusted at different heights and viewing angles to suit both the doctor and the patient’s needs. Adding the locking utility / battery box, Voyce was able to secure the tablet charge cube from theft and offer the option of a back-up battery for extended tablet run time. The small yet stable wheeled base can fit small spaces, so the medical stand can be rolled up to the patient’s bed, making the Rise Freedom a perfect solution for healthcare purposes and offers great flexibility. 


Having the VESA plate, Voyce will be able to mount different tablets or monitors to the rolling stand with Compulocks’ custom enclosures, without having to replace the whole unit, thus can continue to offer professional and reliable services to the medical community as tablets evolve. With the added accessories (Battery Pack, Keyboard shelf, Security Keyed Cable Lock, Storage Basket, Lockable Utility Box, and Cord Management Cleat) they can offer medical staff in hospitals to make the best use of the solution, for years ahead.




Customer Feedback

“Compulocks’ helped us by making the necessary adjustments and customization and created a model to answer our needs and meet our high standards.” Says Rich Forbes, Vice President of Operations.“By choosing Compulocks, we know we are able to provide hospitals with a complete solution that is quality and reliable and enables us to focus on what we do best, without having to worry about maintenance issues. I think that in a hospital setting, this is the right device. I’ve worked with others but they didn’t have the flexibility and quality that Compulocks provides.” 


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